B26 meeting

The meeting rooms are in different sizes for 2–14 people and in the coworking area there are 12 meeting rooms to book. Ten rooms are equipped with AV equipment and one of them has a flexible seating. The two smallest rooms for two people (Kväve & Syre) are intended as intercom rooms and do not have AV equipment

The AV equipment is the same in all rooms but has a different position in the room with flexible seating. The AV equipment includes;

  • TV screen adapted to room size 65–80 inches
  • Touch panel for user-friendly connection
  • Speakers with built-in microphone for video and telephone meetings
  • Camera for video meetings
  • Wireless connection but also access to cable connection if desired
  • Table wells with electricity, USB, USB-C, HDMI and network
  • AV equipment is not included; video conferencing program. Video meetings are connected via the user’s own laptop depending on the software.

For those who wish to book a meeting room, do so at: hello@b26.se